Make Facebook Your ATM

Taught by Claudia Sheridan and Sally Hendrick, get the full explanation you need to make your Facebook ads convert!

Claudia is in charge of thousands of dollars in monthly ads budgets for companies in the Los Angeles area and has been named as the 2016 Ultimate Female Marketing and PR Professional by Elite Magazine.

Sally is a well-known strategist and statistician who teaches with step-by-step processes optimized for deep understanding. Her skills are used to pinpoint tight target market audiences to increase conversions and decrease costs.


  • Content Marketing - Learn what elements are required and see samples of copy that works.
  • Audience Insights - Research your target market using free tools, and craft cross-sections that make sense for your offers.
  • Facebook Pixels - Install the basics needed to track visitors for re-marketing.
  • Facebook Ads - Explore the vast array of options for creating ads inside Ads Manager versus Boosting from your page.
  • Objectives - Set goals for advertising campaigns that make sense with the offer and audience at hand.
  • Custom Audiences - Build audiences to create a tighter statistical fit to the audiences that will purchase again and again.


Detailed explanations, worksheets, and a checklist to ensure not to leave anything out.

Make Facebook Your ATM

$197.00 USD

You're reading an article on your smartphone when suddenly an ad pops up showing you a video from a brand you've seen online before.

***  "Hey, that's so-and-so from that webinar I watched a few weeks ago!"
***  "Well, I'll be. That's the bracelet I was going to buy online the other day, and it's right here on my phone asking me to go ahead and purchase it."

It's like a radar detector that goes off letting your prospects know you've spotted them.

If you don't know why that happens, you're probably having trouble with your advertising campaigns.

Come learn from the pros!